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VDT Laundry Cleaning Kit - Complete

VDT Laundry Cleaning Kit - Complete


This kit has been designed for cleaning ducting from 100mm⌀ to 450mm⌀. Included in the kit are three varying sizes of propeller brushes which are very effective at removing lint deposits and due to their short stock length can easily navigate tight bends. The auger brush in the kit is specially tapered and is designed for removing blockages within the duct. The head has shorter stiffer bristles at the end which allow it to bore into the blockage allowing the longer strands to break up the remaining deposits.


Included are three soft filament rotary brushes which are designed for removing light deposits in sizes 150mm⌀, 200mm⌀ and 350mm.


A rapid light loader head is included which uses a thin copolymer whip line and is used to remove even more stubborn deposits, it is designed to work with the 8mm and 10mm rods. The line in the head itself can quickly be changed by simply cutting to the desired length and pushing through the pre drilled holes. A larger 350mm whip head that is designed to be used on larger ducting is also included. The whip line can also be changed and replaced by undoing the grub screw at the base of the head. A 25m reel of cable is included to ensure you can always adapt the heads to suit any requirement and size of ducting. An adapter is included to connect 8mm and 10mm rods to the larger 12mm variants. This allows greater flexibility whilst using the kit and the smaller more flexible rods can be attached at the front to navigate tight concerns or through difficult access.


The kit comes complete with drill drivers and a zipped rod bag for easier storing and transportation.

VDT Laundry Cleaning Kit - Complete

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 5 x 8mm Solid Nylon 90cm Rotary Rods  - SNR08-SS
    • 5 x 10mm Solid Nylon 90cm Rotary Rods - SNR10SS
    • 5 x 12mm Solid Nylon 90cm Rotary Rods - SNR12SS
    • 1 x Drill Adaptor Small - DA600SS
    • 1 x Drill Adaptor Large - DA800SS
    • 1 x 4"/100mm Propellor Brush - PB-04
    • 1 x 5"/125mm Propellor Brush - PB-05
    • 1 x 6"/150mm Propellor Brush - PB-06
    • 1 x 8"/200mm Propellor Brush - PB-08
    • 1 x 4"/100mm Auger Brush - Tapered
    • 1 x 6"/150mm Soft Mini Mole Rotary Brush
    • 1 x 8"/200mm Soft Mini Mole Rotary Brush
    • 1 x Soft Combination Rotary Brush 14"/350mm - 8"/200mm
    • 1 x Large Female to 8mm Male Adaptor - ADPT-305
    • 1 x Rapid Light Loader 5"/125mm
    • 1 x Rotary Power Whip 18"/450mm - PW-18
    • 1 x Reel 2.7mm Whip Line - 25m
    • VDT Long Heavy Duty Rod Bag - 29" - 98cm
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