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DuPont Tyvek Xpert 500 Hooded Chemical Coverall

These DuPont chemical coveralls use Tyvek 500 Xpert fabric to provide effective protection against asbestos, biological hazards, water-based chemical liquid splashes, and both pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates. Tyvek fabric offers great breathability, allowing perspiration to escape while still providing a strong barrier against hazards. The ergonomic design allows wearers to move without feeling restricted, and features an innovative sleeve design that prevents sleeves from riding up even when working overhead. The hood has been designed to closely fit the contours of the face, while a larger zip pull makes it easier to put on and take off while wearing gloves.

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• Effective barrier against asbestos, biological hazards and water-based chemical liquid splashes
• Enhanced particle protection
• Breathable and durable Tyvek fabric
• Ergonomic fit allows for freedom of movement
• Hood designed to fit the contours of your face
• Longer zip pull makes it easier to use when wearing gloves
• Innovative sleeve design offers a great fit even when working overhead
• Protects the wearer from a range of biological hazards including body fluids, bloodborne pathogens and liquid aerosol penetration, as well as both wet and dry microbial penetration

VAT Excluded
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