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DefendAir HEPA 500 - Negative Air Machine - Air Mover - Duct Cleaning Equipment - Vent

DefendAir HEPA 500 - Negative Air Machine


The DefendAir HEPA 500 is a negative air mover as well as an air scrubber that helps create a cleaner, safer indoor environment. Fully adjustable 562-713m3 airflow and will generate more than seven air changes per hour in a 100m³ room or can be connected to 12" flexible ducting for use in cleaning duct work. This unit can capture smoke, odours and dust, to leave any room with purified air. 


Not only is an air scrubber an essential tool when handling 'dirty' jobs such as removing harmful particulates that have been stirred up by air movers used during 'clean' drying. The HEPA 500 works fast: one unit running at maximum speed will generate more than seven air changes per hour in a 100 M³ room, and helps to restore any environment to a pre-loss condition fast - the ultimate goal of every job.

Use an air scrubber to improve everyday indoor air quality, increasing productivity and reducing the incidence of asthma and other illnesses in homes, office workspaces and public buildings; to eliminate stale air pockets; or to purify air and remove lingering odours after cleaning. High-efficiency filtration also helps improve the air quality during construction and renovations or after installation of new carpets, etc. 


*NOTE: DefendAir HEPA 500 Comes with 1 x Pre-Filters & 1 x HEPA Filter. A 2nd Pre-Filter will prolong the life of the HEPA Filter

DefendAir HEPA 500 - Negative Air Machine

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Advanced - true HEPA - filtration technology
    • HEPA filter change indicator
    • Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection
    • Range of pre-filters available including activated charcoal for odour removal
    • Stackable, lightweight, and easily transportable
    • Ductable to suit requirements
    • 2 years - limited product warranty
    • Air Purification
    • Odour Removal
    • Dust removal
    • Restoration
  • Model - F284-230V

    Supply Voltage - 230 V

    Speeds  - Variable

    Max Rated Airflow - 713 M³ / Hour

    Min Rated Airflow - 562 M³ / Hour

    Filtration Performance - 99.97% of 0.3 micron particulates

    Filter System - True HEPA technology 

    Amp Draw - 1.5 A

    Power Consumption - 0.35 KW / Hour

    Dimensions - H × W × D62.5 × 66.5 × 46.2 cm

    Use Weight - 19.9 KG

    Controls - Variable switch

    Housing - Rotomoulded polyethylene

    Stackable - Yes

    Microban® Impregnated - Yes

    Cable Wrap / Storage - Yes

    Ductable - Intake: 35 cm - Outlet: 20.3 cm

    Power Cord Length - 7.6 M

    Plug Type - 3 Pin BS1363

    Safety Mark - CE

    Product Warranty - 2 Years – Limited

    Housing Warranty - Lifetime

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